Getting Help with Your Rent 

If you are applying for housing benefit, make sure you provide all the information required, otherwise your claim will not be processed and you may lose out on any benefit due.  If you currently receive housing benefit and your income or family circumstances change for example if someone moves in or out of the house, starts or stops work, leaves school, etc. you must contact the Association and the Housing Benefit Office as soon as you can to prevent any arrears on your rent account. 

You can also apply for housing benefit online, over the phone or in our office. If you need help to complete your housing benefit application or are experiencing any difficulites for example if it has been suspended then please contact our Housing Assistants at the office where they can assist you. Our Welfare Rights Officer, Angela Martin, will also be happy to help.

Your nearest housing benefit office is based at 1250 Westerhouse Road, G34 9EA or they can be contacted on 0141 287-5050