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Applications and Forms
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Housing Application Form PDF icon 2MB
Direct Debit Mandate - Rent PDF icon 660KB
Direct Debit Mandate - Management Fees PDF icon 651KB
Repairs Satisfaction Survey PDF icon 114KB
Application for Membership Microsoft Word icon 39KB
Committee Minutes
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Management Committee Minutes 180124 PDF icon 132KB
Management Committee Minutes 141223 PDF icon 134KB
Management Committee Minutes 161123 PDF icon 156KB
Management Committee Minutes 191023 PDF icon 145KB
Management Committee Minutes 210923 PDF icon 120KB
Management Committee Minutes 140923 PDF icon 59KB
Management Committee Minutes 170823 PDF icon 117KB
Management Committee Minutes 200723 PDF icon 102KB
Management Committee Minutes 220623 PDF icon 133KB
Management Committee Minutes 080623 PDF icon 314KB
Management Committee Minutes 180523 PDF icon 106KB
Management Committee Minutes 130423 PDF icon 210KB
Management Committee Minutes 160223 PDF icon 149KB
Management Committee Minutes 190123 PDF icon 144KB
Management Committee Minutes 151222 PDF icon 90KB
Management Committee Minutes 011222 PDF icon 84KB
Management Committee Minutes 241122 PDF icon 325KB
Management Committee Minutes 271022 PDF icon 242KB
Management Committee Minutes 210922 PDF icon 199KB
Management Committee Minutes 180822 PDF icon 240KB
Management Committee Minutes 230622 PDF icon 231KB
Management Committee Minutes 260522 PDF icon 260KB
Management Committee Minutes 280422 PDF icon 261KB
Management Committee Minutes 240322 PDF icon 242KB
Management Committee Minutes 240222 PDF icon 262KB
Management Committee Minutes 270122 PDF icon 247KB
Freedom of Information - Useful Documents
File Description File Size
Calvay Charging Guide PDF icon 617KB
Calvay Guide to Information V16 PDF icon 437KB
Document Retention Schedule PDF icon 491KB
Environmental Information Regulations Policy (EIR's) - April 2022 PDF icon 492KB
Freedom of Information Policy - March 22 PDF icon 472KB
Freedom of Information/EIR Request Form Microsoft Word icon 36KB
Model Publication Scheme PDF icon 112KB
Information Leaflets
File Description File Size
Scottish Housing Regulator - How we Regulate PDF icon 412KB
Scottish Housing Regulator - Complaints & Serious Concerns - April 2024 PDF icon 290KB
Condensation - How to prevent it within the home PDF icon 699KB
Calvay Charging Guide PDF icon 617KB
Public-Holidays March 2024 - March 2025 PDF icon 137KB
Cookie Policy - April 2024 PDF icon 71KB
File Description File Size
Calvay News - Spring 2024 PDF icon 9MB
Calvay News - Autumn 2023 PDF icon 6MB
Calvay News Winter 2023 PDF icon 25MB
Calvay News - Summer 2023 PDF icon 682KB
Calvay News - Spring 2023 PDF icon 2MB
Calvay News - Winter 2022 PDF icon 2MB
Calvay News - Autumn 2022 PDF icon 2MB
Calvay News - Summer 2022 PDF icon 612KB
Calvay News - Spring 2022 PDF icon 1001KB
Calvay News - Winter 2021 PDF icon 2MB
Calvay News - Autumn 2021 PDF icon 2MB
Calvay News - Summer 2021 PDF icon 3MB
Calvay News - Spring 2021 PDF icon 3MB
Calvay News - Winter 2020 PDF icon 3MB
Calvay News - Autumn 2020 PDF icon 782KB
Calvay News - Autumn 2020 - Rent Consultation PDF icon 90KB
Calvay News - Routemap For All Repairs PDF icon 604KB
Calvay News - GCC Letter re Bin Replacement Programme PDF icon 5MB
Calvay News - CV19 - April 2020 PDF icon 909KB
Calvay News - Spring 2020 PDF icon 3MB
File Description File Size
Abandonment Policy 2021 PDF icon 342KB
Adverse Weather Policy PDF icon 126KB
Alcohol & Substance Misuse Policy PDF icon 142KB
Alterations & improvement Policy* PDF icon 256KB
Anti-social Behaviour & Neighbour Disputes Policy PDF icon 400KB
Arrears & Debt Management Policy 2022 PDF icon 396KB
Asbestos Policy & Procedures - July 22 PDF icon 935KB
Attendance & Absence Management Policy PDF icon 142KB
CCTV Policy 2022 PDF icon 154KB
Code of Conduct for Committee Members - May 21 PDF icon 208KB
Code of Conduct for Staff - Feb 22 PDF icon 261KB
Communication Policy PDF icon 140KB
Contractor Selection Policy & Procedures - Nov 20 PDF icon 672KB
Data Breach Management Procedure - April 2022 PDF icon 327KB
Data Protection Policy - Approved September 2023 PDF icon 112KB
Data Subject Rights Procedure April 2022 PDF icon 474KB
Dignity at Work Policy - Dec 19 PDF icon 158KB
Disciplinary Policy PDF icon 151KB
Electrical Installation Safety Policy PDF icon 276KB
Entitlements, Payments & Benefits Policy - May 21 PDF icon 362KB
Environmental Information Regulations Policy (EIR s) - Approved September 2023 PDF icon 228KB
Equal Opportunities Policy 2023 PDF icon 233KB
Expenses Policy PDF icon 305KB
Factoring Policy Dec 21 PDF icon 369KB
Flexible Working Policy 2022 PDF icon 169KB
Freedom of Information (FoI) Policy - Approved September 2023 PDF icon 171KB
Grievance Policy PDF icon 327KB
Harassment Policy 2021 PDF icon 285KB
Leasing Policy 2022 PDF icon 369KB
Legionella Policy - July 22 PDF icon 194KB
Lettings Plan 23-24 PDF icon 122KB
Lone Working Policy PDF icon 289KB
Maintenance Policy 2021 PDF icon 648KB
Membership Policy - Feb 22 PDF icon 410KB
Mortgage to Rent Policy 2022 and Guidance Note PDF icon 715KB
Mutual Exchange Policy 2021 PDF icon 167KB
Openness and Confidentiality Policy PDF icon 229KB
Prevention of Fraud and Anti Bribery* PDF icon 282KB
Privacy Policy - May 2020 PDF icon 970KB
Procurement Policy - Mar 21 PDF icon 261KB
Rechargeable Repairs Policy PDF icon 191KB
Recruitment & Selection Policy - Jan 21 PDF icon 147KB
Rent Setting Policy* PDF icon 250KB
Right to Compensation for Improvements Policy 2021 PDF icon 342KB
Right to Repair Policy 2021 PDF icon 440KB
Risk Management Policy - Jun 21 PDF icon 1014KB
Sabbaticals Policy - Feb 22 PDF icon 233KB
Secure Handling, Use, Storage and Retention of Disclosure Information PDF icon 157KB
Shared Ownership Policy 2021 PDF icon 340KB
Smoke Free Policy PDF icon 578KB
Stage 3 Adaptations Policy PDF icon 341KB
Stress Management Policy 2022 PDF icon 161KB
Tenant Participation Strategy - Jan 21 PDF icon 655KB
Tendering Policy PDF icon 326KB
Treasury Management Policy PDF icon 405KB
Unacceptable Actions Policy PDF icon 230KB
Void Management Policy 2023 PDF icon 308KB
Whistleblowing Policy - Oct 22 PDF icon 330KB