Invoices are posted out quarterly in April, July, October and January. Standard factoring charges and service charges are invoiced quarterly in advance, i.e. management fee, common buildings insurance, stair-cleaning, open space maintenance, bin store maintenance and bulk uplift. All other charges, i.e. stair-lighting maintenance, common electricity charges and repair costs are invoiced in arrears, following receipt of the respective bills from Glasgow City Council, Scottish Power or the relevant contractor.

Any queries or disputes pertaining to factoring invoices should be notified to the Association as soon as possible, so that we can resolve them as quickly as possible. The Association will acknowledge and respond to any such queries within 5 working days. Where the matter requires further investigation before it can be resolved, the owner will be notified in writing and advised of an expected timescale within which a response will be provided. The invoice amount may be put on hold pending the outcome of any investigation.

Please note that invoices should be paid promptly and at least, within 28 days of the issue date.