Rechargeable Repairs

Some repairs may be recharged to you if they are deemed to be your responsibility, for example we may carry out the works and recover the costs from you.

Lost Keys

If you lock yourself out or lose your keys and then require a contractor to force entry to your home you will be recharged for this. Often these repairs occur out of hours and incur the high costs of an emergency call-out. It is recommended therefore that wherever possible you leave a spare set of keys with a friend or relative.

Blocked toilets, sinks and showers

Proper and regular cleaning should prevent the occurrence of blockages. You should not dispose of oil and fat, excessive grease or tea leaves down the sink. The build-up of hair should be cleared from plug holes and waste traps.

It is strongly advised that over the rim toilet blocks, cleaners or fresheners are not used.

Faulty Appliances

Household appliances are owned and maintained by you.

A faulty appliance can often “trip” your electrics or circuit breaker resulting in a temporary loss of power.

We would advise you to unplug all appliances, reset the circuit breaker and then plug in your appliance. This procedure can be explained to you in detail and if necessary demonstrated by arrangement with a member of staff from the Property Department.

If however an electrician is called out to attend to a fault, which turns out to be due to an appliance, then costs will be recharged to you.

General Neglect

Abuse of the property, including its fixtures and fittings, is not reasonable wear and tear and will be recharged to you. Common examples are;
•holes in doors
•accidently removing door entry handsets
•loose or missing kitchen units and drawer fronts
•burns to work tops
•gas fires painted
•unapproved removal of heating or other appliances provided by us
•close and bin store areas not cleaned
•failure to report minor repairs which then become serious and costly.

End of Tenancy Repairs

When you give up your tenancy you are obliged to return all sets of keys to us and to leave the property in a clean and habitable condition.

The property should be emptied of all your possessions and household goods including floor coverings, furniture and rubbish. Washing machine connections and waste pipes should be properly capped and made safe.

Any fittings you have installed should be removed and the original fitting provided by us should be reinstated. If at the end of the tenancy these items have not been attended to then we will have them carried out and recharge the costs to you.